I am a dedicated and enthusiastic conservationist who has been diving professionally since 2014. My passion for species preservation guides my will to travel. There's something about being in nature with WILD animals that is enlightening, inspiring, and fuels my desire to preserve.

Here in the states I have a normal day job that enables me to pursue all the dreams I have to help make this world better for our wildlife. I have a loving wife that is literally saving (human) lives and is extremely supportive of all my endeavours. I also work for a dive shop in here New Jersey and get to introduce people to the amazing sport of SCUBA diving. 

Online, I help run an amazing dive shop in the exotic Galapagos Islands, as well as accommodations to go along with it. You can find out more information about this unique opportunity at

One of my newest goals has been to help teach our nations combat veterans the therapeutic powers of SCUBA diving. We have launched a non-profit organization called Warhorse Scuba Inc. Warhorse SCUBA Inc will achieve this goal by offering SCUBA experiences, activities and certification programs as a means of therapy and community interaction for combat veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain injury, C-Spine injuries and other disabilities.

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